The Supper Quilt

How to host a viewing of the Supper quilt

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Requirements to host The Supper Quilt near you:

It is our wish to share this magnificent art work with as many people as possible.

A viewing area of at least 50 feet in front of the quilt.

The quilt occupies 17 feet in width, 9 feet in height, the stand requires 4 feet in depth.

There is no appearance fee for having the quilt at your quilt show, shop or church. Reimbursement of Don and Mariyln's transportation, lodging and food are needed. We hope that this reasonable expense can be recovered by most organizations through a small admission fee, a free will offering, or other fundraising event. It is not our intent to profit from The Supper quilt, only to recover reasonable expenses so The Supper can be shared by as many people as possible.

A full time "quilt angel" during public viewing. This is to protect The Supper from the curious getting too close.

Due to the nature of The Supper, the artist will personally transport the quilt.

Scheduling flexability is needed. There are only 52 Sundays in the year. Weekdays can help out.