The Supper Quilt

Numbers for the Supper Quilt

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The Supper Quilt by the numbers.

There are 51,816 pieces of fabric. Each piece measures 1/2 inch (1.25cm) on edge.

There are over 350 different fabrics used. Many were hand dyed by Don to obtain the correct color.

The entire quilt is 67 inches (5.6ft, 170cm) high and 183 inches (15.25ft, 465cm) wide.

While working full time as a dentist, Don took 2.5 years to sew the pieces together. He estimates that there are 1200 hours of work in this effort.

Number of people that wanted to give up quilting after finding out that a man, in only his second quilt did this : A few

Number of times he told his children that they would have to finish it : too many to count

Number of times he told his grandchildren that they would have to finish it : more then a few

Number of people that have been deeply moved by the viewing experience : GROWING

Number of quilters copying Don's method : at least one.

Top Ten Comments

10. Which one of the disciples is Paul? (hint: his name was Saul when the Last Supper took place)
9. Oh my Lord! (He is the one in the middle)
8. A man did this?
7. A dentist did this?, Did he use dental floss?
6. I would go crazy looking at all those little squares
5. After seeing this, I don't know whether to quit quilting or try harder
4. It belongs in the Vatican.
3. It belongs in the Smithsonian.
2. It is only his second quilt?
1. He must have had a sudden rush of blood to his brain

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is the lady that made this still alive?
A: He is in good health, and spends his retirement showing the quilt.

Q: Is he available?
A: No.

Q: Why did you do it?

Q: What are you going to do next?
A: Work on my golf swing. (Actually, he has taken up oil painting)

Q: Don't you wish you would have started quilting 40 years ago?
A: I would have if I had known I would be surrounded by this many women.