The Supper Quilt

How the Supper Quilt was made

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How the Supper quilt was made

The Supper was made with the help of a computer generated image of Leonardo's masterpiece. A picture of daVincis Last Supper was enlarged many times over until blocks of color (pixels) appeared. A print out of these pixels became the template that helped Don to determine the color placement of fabric needed . The fabric was cut to size, placed in baggies, and filed by color. A flannel wall in his studio was used to arrange the one inch squares of fabric into large areas of the quilt. The columns of squares were then numbered and taken to his Singer featherweight sewing machine and sewn together. These columns were soon attached to others . Many columns were needed before an image could be seen. The large sections would be completed and set aside so that the process could repeat itself. After two and one half years of work, piecing of The Supper was completed in August of 1999. Joy Press of Godley, TX. hand dyed the fabric used for the back of the quilt. This also forms the background for many of these pages. Then Linda Taylor of Melissa TX. accepted the challenge to machine quilt the top. It took Linda three weeks to quilt The Supper, the longest she has ever worked on a quilt. It had to be loaded and quilted sideways because it is longer than the quilting machine table. It was the most challenging project she has ever worked on because when you are close to the quilt, it is hard to see the figures. She had to count the squares, like counted cross-stitch to see where she was quilting. She took it off the machine several times to hang it up and see what she had done. She called it a "process" because the quilt is very special to her. For more information about Linda and electric quilting, visit her website.

The 100% cotton batting used is Sew Perfect, by Fairfield

The 100% cotton thread used is Signature, by A& E (American & Efird) (it never broke)

Jesus before

The first section that Don worked on is shown being placed on the flannel wall. Click for a large picture or a small picture.

First Section

In this view, the left side of Jesus has been sewn together, and is in half inch squares, the right side is still in 1 inch squares, and awaits the pinning and the featherweight. Notice the first two columns of the 1 inch squares have small white dots on them. These are numbers that were used to maintain positions after the fabric was removed prior to pinning. Click for a large picture or a small picture.


After the fabric positioning was determined, each square had to be pinned together prior to sewing. Click for a better picture.


Here Don is holding a finished section.

Click for a better picture.

Don's palatte

A view of Don's palatte. The fabric was cut from the larger pieces on the left and placed in zip loc bags. Click for a large picture or a small picture.


Compare the left and right sides of this section. Also visible in the studio are baggies full of cut fabric. Click for a large picture or a small picture.

Before sewing

An entire section is shown before being sewn together. The far right column as been numbered. Pictures of the painting that were used can be seen on the right, above the desk. Click for a large picture or a small picture.

Joining Sections

Putting some sections together.

Click for a better picture.

Shown on Fence

The quilt top is almost complete and is hung on the back fence.

Click for a better picture.

Linda Taylor & Don

Linda Taylor and Don stand in front of the finished quilt top before machine quilting. Her sewing machine is in the foreground. Click for a large picture or a small picture.

Quilt Top rolled The top is rolled up on the quilting machine prior to quilting.

Click for a better picture.

Quilt back The back is shown laid out on the quilting machine during setup.

Click for a better picture.


Post Cards are available at some viewings for $1 each. Click for a better view.